Holsby has its own outdoor tennis, basketball and beach volleyball courts, as well as a football field. On top of this there is no lack of indoor activities in Brunnshallen our new sports facility. Between basketball, football, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, bouldering and working out the students have plenty of options to stay active in the winter months. Students make use of the library, student lounge, computer room, and Bikupon to have more relaxed actives or to study. Canoes and bicycles are also available for a small rental fee. Students can try our high ropes course, climbing wall and giant swing in the early autumn and spring. The course is closed during the winter months.

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Free Time

Recreation and free time are important for fellowship and spiritual development at Holsby. One of the foremost features of the Holsby campus is the surrounding forest. Students enjoy the scenic outdoors with numerous walking paths for hiking, running, quiet time and prayer.

Holsby has a student store, the Bik, which sells stamps, stationery, candy, snacks and T-shirts. A community convenience store, or kiosk, and a public bus stop are located an easy 15-minute walk from campus.

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports are organized throughout the year. Students and staff compete in soccer/football, volleyball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee and innebandy (Scandinavian floorball). Intramurals are encouraged as a way for students to exercise and have some fun.

Special Events, Trips and Travel Weekends

Several special activities and optional trips are arranged for students throughout the year. The trips will vary each year, but could include canoe trips, hikes, and off-campus trips. Students also take part in several special events hosted by Holsby throughout the year, including Christmas and fall banquets.

Included in the school schedule is one travel weekend per term. Students are free to travel on their own during these four-day weekends (Thursday – Sunday). Many students make short trips within Sweden or travel to Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland and other places.

Over the Christmas and spring breaks, students can also travel on their own. During spring break there is an opportunity for students to join one of several school-organized mission trips.


Community and Fellowship

For many students, friendships formed while at Holsby encourage spiritual growth for years to come. Our student body is relatively small, usually between 40 and 65 students. We have a casual, close, family-oriented community where people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds are welcomed. We have both single and married staff members who live on campus and in the surrounding community of Holsbybrunn.

Our focus is on helping students spend time with God and develop meaningful relationships with others. We meet together weekly for worship, prayer and Sunday services. The Bible school staff is also involved in the lives of the students through Family Groups. Students meet regularly with a group of fellow students in the home of a staff family, sharing a meal, prayer times and discussions or simply having fun together.

Serving Together

A part of living together in community at Holsby is serving one another through daily duties. Students are assigned a daily household duty as part of their normal routine, such as washing dishes, cleaning, removing trash or doing laundry.

On Friday mornings, students and staff work together on more thorough cleaning, as well as campus grounds and maintenance projects.



Female students live in our main building, Brunnsgården. This is a two-story wood building dating back to the early 1900s. The ground level houses the office, library, computer room and dining hall. The women’s dormitory is located on the second level. Two to four students share each room, each of which is equipped with a sink and some with their own toilet. Showers and additional toilet facilities are located at the end of the hall.

Male students are housed in another building called Ekhaga. A wood two-story dormitory built in the 1880s, each room in Ekhaga sleeps two to four students. The rooms all have sinks, with showers and toilet facilities down the hall. Ekhaga also houses the Holsby weight room.

All the rooms at Holsby are furnished with bunk beds and drawer or closet space for each student. Laundry facilities are located in the basement of Brunnsgården.


Holsby staff members assign roommates taking age and other factors into consideration. Roommates are reassigned at the beginning of each new term in order to foster community. Students are expected to keep their rooms tidy, and are required to be in the dorms by 10:30 p.m. on weekdays, and by midnight on weekends.

Resident Assistants

Resident assistants (or RAs) are former Holsby students who have returned to serve as leaders for the men’s and women’s dormitories. One RA lives with the men and one with the women, providing support, guidance, leadership and friendship to the student body. The RAs are available 24 hours a day in case of emergency.



Holsby is situated in southern Sweden – halfway between Stockholm and Copenhagen, Denmark – in the small community of Holsbybrunn. A convenience store, or kiosk, and public bus stop are located an easy 15-minute walk from the school. Most services are located just ten kilometers away in the town of Vetlanda – including train and bus stations, clothing and grocery stores, restaurants, cafés and more.

The area surrounding Holsbybrunn and Vetlanda has numerous sites of interest, including ancient ruins, Viking burial grounds, historical buildings and churches, old mines and nature reserves. Many people enjoy hiking, biking, walking the region’s forests and fishing its many lakes.