What is Bible School

Our Bible school program is intended to nurture your relationship with Jesus Christ. Your understanding of God and His word will grow through weekly lectures that cover various topics and books of the Bible. The integration of God’s word into your daily life will be cultivated through daily interaction with staff, guest lecturers and the Holsby community.

Through weekly outreaches and the establishing of lifelong habits of prayer, Bible reading and service, you will be better equipped to know and serve the Lord. Our desire is that you grow as a follower of Christ and we believe that Holsby Bible School is that life-changing opportunity.

  • Be Engaged

  • At Holsby you will be engaged by an international community that is intentional about enjoying our diversity while also celebrating our unity in Christ. Whether over meals, family nights in homes, or life in the dormitory, you will grow through the cultures and life experiences of staff and students from many different countries.
  • Be Grounded

  • Whether in or out of the classroom, we desire to be a community that is grounded in God’s truth. With well over thirty lecture series from a variety of resident and guest lecturers covering various books of the Bible and topics, you will be strengthened in God’s word and challenged to know Him more personally.
  • Be Equipped

  • There is life after Holsby and we want you to be better equipped to serve Christ as an effective member of your local church and in whatever circumstance, environment or occupation you find yourself. You will learn what it means to allow Christ Himself to work in and through your life.

  • Be Refreshed

  • Holsby is a place where you will be spiritually and physically refreshed through the solitude of God’s creation and a supportive community. Whether walks through the forest, an afternoon fika break, or enjoying one of our adventure weeks, your time here will give you a fresh perspective on life.


Holsby’s nine-month Bible school program includes approximately 500 hours of diverse, informative and interactive lectures.

The lectures are presented by resident faculty and guest lecturers from around the world. These teachers are involved in Torchbearers International and various other ministries. Guest lecturers typically spend a week at the school covering a particular topic and are available to spend personal time with students.

Students can expect Christ-centered, expository Bible teaching. Lectures cover books from each major section of the Bible, as well as topics related to practical Christian living. Our desire is that students experience a personal, life-transforming understanding of God’s word.

All lectures are in English, so students must be proficient in understanding, reading and writing English.


“… go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.
—Mark 16:15

An important part of the Holsby Bible school program is the opportunity for students to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom through ongoing community outreach. Students are given the choice among several different forms of outreach.

Outreaches may include: leading sports and other youth activities, music and drama teams, visiting schools and youth groups, teaching English, mentoring high risk teens and working with local churches or with the elderly.

  • Outreach Week

  • A key part of winter Bible school is our outreach week, when the students go out in teams to work with churches, camps, schools or other groups throughout Sweden. Students may choose from a variety of forms of ministry, according to their interest and passion.

  • International Outreach

  • For many years, a number of our students have been using the two-week spring break to go on school-organized mission trips. Students raise support for the cost of the trips, and are given experience in helping to plan and lead these mission outreaches. Recent mission trips have taken students to Italy, the Balkans, Germany, Russia, Poland and Ireland.

Basketball Team

Holsby has an optional basketball program that our male students can choose to be a part of, in addition to the regular Bible school year. Through this sports outreach, the Holsby team – comprised of students and staff – plays competitively in the Swedish second division league as well as exhibition games against other local teams. The team members also lead basketball clinics and participate in weekly community outreaches.

Summer Bible School

Have a break in your summer with an explorative and restful retreat in Sweden through our three week Bible school. Enjoy quality Bible teaching that will enable you to dig deeper into God’s word, friendly fellowship that will encourage and strengthen your faith, adventurous excursions that will refresh the soul, and needed space to be still and know that He is God. Our desire is that you would leave spiritually and physically refreshed.

We offer fifteen hours of lectures in the mornings and evenings of each week. With the long summer days, you will still have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors, extra time to study and reflect on the teaching, and various outings. There will be one extended weekend for traveling elsewhere in Sweden, as well as a midweek hiking and camping trip. Our unique program can be enjoyed by singles, couples and families with children*

*If there are children, we will provide a program during lectures so that both spouses can participate in the Bible teaching. If you have questions or want more information on family prices, please email us.

Taste & See

Taste and See is our short-term Bible school option for those who are considering our regular program and want to try it out before applying. It is also an option for those who are not able to come for more than one or two weeks. During this time, Taste and See students live in the dorms and participate in lectures, duties and outreaches together with our regular students. If you want more information and prices, please contact us at office@holsby.org.