Donate from Sweden

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Making a donation

Holsby Bible School and Torchbearer Centre is a registered non-profit organization. Your gift to the Brunnshallen Gym Project will mean so much to us now! You can transfer funds directly to Holsby’s account in Sweden – using Swish from your mobile phone, or bankgiro, or PayPal, or credit card or debit card. You can also set up an automatic recurring gift. Please designate your donations to ”Brunnshallen”.

There are many ways to give:



  • You can give a quick gift by using Swish. Please mark the gift with the text “Brunnshallen”
    • Swish number: 123 182 97 38



  • You can give a gift directly using bankgiro. Please mark it with the text “Brunnshallen”.
    • Bankgiro number: 706-4512


Paypal: credit card or bank card

  • Use PayPal, credit card or bankcard.

Make a one-time donation


Set up a recurring donation