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Luke Thomas

Project Update

It’s wonderful to be through the building phase of this project and to now have a facility that is useful for the ministry here. We are grateful for all those who have given to this project. For those who would still like to be involved through giving, we do have a financial need as we move forward.

Going into the project we decided to immediately pay off half of the costs from our own savings and to invite others to be involved through giving donations to the project. All of that has now been supplemented with a loan for the rest of the costs, which is a total of about $800,000. The majority of that loan will have to be paid off over the course of ten years, which will come out of our annual revenue, given that we maintain a certain number of students and summer guests each year.

In order to alleviate some of the long-term pressure, we also have some short term loans that can be paid off through the generous gifts of those who would like to give towards this project.

We thank you for taking interest in this project and in the ways in which it will enable us as a community to have meaningful presence in peoples’ lives. Follow the information below to find out how you can give.


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A Message From John Breneman

John Breneman is a Holsby board member and regular guest lecturer. John has been teaching at Holsby since the 1984-85 school year! For over 30 years he has blessed Holsby with his teaching and leadership on our board. Please take the chance to tune in and hear the message he has to share with all of our alumni, family and friends of Holsby.