May Matching Giving Challenge


BREAKING NEWS! Several friends of Holsby have joined together to offer a US$15,000 Matching Challenge to raise funds for the new gym! Your donation will be doubled when given by the end of May! Click on your country to make your gift. Thanks for helping us with this exciting project!

Find specific details about how to give toward this goal, in ways that are tailored to your country of residence. Convenient options are available for credit card, debit card, bank transfer or recurring monthly gifts.

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Progress Report on the Gym!

Brunnshallen is built!

After almost a year of construction Brunnshallen is pretty much finished! Other than some final touches that need to be done post-inspection, the construction of Brunnshallen is complete. We are now in the phase of trying to furnish the place and get it ready for our summer groups and 20/21 Bible school year. It has been a long journey and there is still plenty of work to come but we are excited to get into Brunnshallen and start using the place. Feel free to check out our video update and see the progress for yourself.

A Message From John Breneman

John Breneman is a Holsby board member and regular guest lecturer. John has been teaching at Holsby since the 1984-85 school year! For over 30 years he has blessed Holsby with his teaching and leadership on our board. Please take the chance to tune in and hear the message he has to share with all of our alumni, family and friends of Holsby.


Huge Exchange Rate Benefits!

For those living outside of Sweden, now is a great time to give! There is a substantial benefit of making donations to Holsby now — due to the favorable exchange rates.


  • A gift in US Dollars today is worth 21% more than if the same amount had been given just 15 months ago.
  • A gift in US Dollars today is worth 50% more than if the same amount had been given 5 years ago.
  • A gift in Euros today is worth 30% more than if the same amount had been given in the summer of 2012.


Find out more about the layout of the building! The gym will be a multi-purpose facility designed to meet the needs of the Bible school, Camp Holsby and our local community.



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