The time has come!

After many years of dreaming, praying and planning for a new gym – a multi-purpose athletics and recreation center on the Holsby campus – the long-awaited time to build has come! This will be the first new building in the history of our Torchbearers Center, which began in 1973 with some huge steps of faith. As we walk in similar footsteps – believing God for a structure that will provide opportunities and encouragement in both the physical and spiritual areas of life – we are excited to see how He has guided us throughout the preparation phases. Please take the time to scroll down and check out all the details!



Find out more about the layout of the building! The gym will be a multi-purpose facility designed to meet the needs of the Bible school, Camp Holsby and our local community.



There are lots of different ways for you to be involved in supporting this project! With God’s provision we hope to build this facility while staying debt-free. Click here to find out how you can partner with us.



Find out more about the details of this project! Click here if you’re interested in the who, what, where, why and how!

Progress Report on the Gym!

It’s starting to look like a gym!

The foundation has been poured, the exterior walls are up, the roof is on, the interior walls are up and now we wait for the paint! The interior of the building is being worked on now as the finishing touches of the different rooms are coming together. We’re excited to keep you updated on what going in the coming weeks and months!

Time-lapse video

Check out the progress during the last months as the foundation has been poured, the walls and roof have been built and now the interior work has begun!

Photo Gallery

Here are a variety of different pictures that have been taken throughout the process.