Brunnsgården is Holsby’s main building with a large dining room, a reading lounge, computer room, main offices, kitchen and other facilities.

Reading lounge

Remodeled in the summer of 2013, our reading lounge is a great place to grab a book, warm beverage, nestle up on the couch and relax. Also, if needed, this room can be transformed into a conference or meeting room that seats up to 20 people.

Dining room

With seating for over 120 guests, our dining room is a great place to enjoy some good food. The food is served on each table individually and everyone eats family style – sharing the food that is on the table.


Upstairs in Brunnsgården are the girls dorms where we have over 50 beds available. Each room sleeps three to five people, with shared toilets and showers down the hall.