The name “Brunnshallen” combines a common word used for a sporting facility here in Sweden (“hallen”) with the history of Holsby and the location of the gym near our historic well (“brunn”). It is this well that gave the village of Holsbybrunn its name, and now we are excited to bring further attention to it through a facility that will invite our local community to be refreshed physically as well as spiritually.


Having presence in the lives of people is at the heart of why we want to build Brunnshallen. We need a place where we can more regularly interact with the local community. Our students need a place where they can expend some energy together, especially during the dark winter months. Our basketball team needs a place to train and to welcome local teams, not only for the competition, but for the relationship building that sport provides. Our guests and campers need a place where their short stay here will be all the more enhanced through fun and meaningful activities together.


Brunnshallen will be located below the chapel and overlooking the historic brunn (well), that gave the village of Holsbybrunn its name. It will be easily accessible to the local community and only a few steps away for those staying on our campus.


The construction company we have chosen is Axel Andersson and Son. This local firm has had considerable experience in building sports facilities, including the professional bandy and innebandy arenas in Vetlanda.


During the planning stages of this project, we recognized a number of needs beyond just having a gymnasium. Though we couldn’t fit everything we wanted into this facility, we feel the plans we have meet many of our essential needs as we seek to better accommodate students, our summer groups and the local community. Click on the tabs for more details concerning each of the areas within the gym.


The gym will be a full-size basketball/volleyball court. There will also be the possibility of accommodating other sports such as indoor soccer, floor hockey, gymnastics and badminton. There will be retractable bleachers for when we host basketball games and other sporting events.

Multi-purpose room

At the entrance of the building there is a multi-functional room that will be equipped with audio-visual equipment, a small café and snack bar, a sitting area for either café or classroom style seating, and a raised platform/stage for teaching or other group-related needs. This multi-purpose room will be used for the following:

  • A space for fellowship after a game, before working-out, or any other time throughout the day
  • A more appropriate place than our chapel for group activities
  • A second classroom when the chapel is in use and we have multiple groups on campus. The area would comfortably sit 40-50 people.
  • A much-needed meeting area for small groups. We are quite limited, especially during the Bible school, when it comes to finding different places where small groups can meet.
Weightlifting + cardio fitness room

At present, those who enjoy lifting weights are limited to a small unheated weight-room attached to one of our dormitories. If it’s indoor cardio exercise that one enjoys, then it’s been moving the classroom desks aside and using the classroom space in the chapel. So, we’re excited to have a room that is more suitable for these activities and all under one roof with access to bathrooms and locker rooms.

Bouldering gym

There is no question that climbing on walls is really attractive to young kids. Whether it be kids in the local community or those who come during our camps, a bouldering gym is an ideal activity for them, as well as many of our students and other guests who enjoy climbing.

Locker room/Sauna

The locker rooms will be equipped with showers, a small sauna and plenty of space for changing and basketball team meetings.

How Much

The construction costs will total approximately USD 1.5 million. Additional funds will be needed to add technology and digital audio-visual equipment, to furnish the multi-purpose spaces and to outfit the weightlifting and bouldering rooms.



Find out more about the layout of the building! The gym will be a multi-purpose facility designed to meet the needs of the Bible school, Camp Holsby and our local community.



There are lots of different ways for you to be involved in supporting this project! With God’s provision we hope to build this facility while staying debt-free. Click here to find out how you can partner with us.



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