50 year anniversary retreat


Celebrating Together

We are just months away from Holsby entering into its 50th year as a Torchbearer center. These 50 years have been defined by gathering at the well. Not only the historical landmark that gave our town its name, Holsbybrunn, but gathering to drink deeply from the life sources of God that are ours in Jesus Christ. We invite you to come, gather with us at the well in July 2023 to be nourished by and to celebrate God’s faithfulness over these past 50 years.


All former staff and students are welcome to come and enjoy rich fellowship with friends and family, Bible teaching and worship together, a host of different activities, a delicious banquet and the beautiful, relaxing surrounding you remember at Holsby. Take this time to rest, reenergize and refocus on things that are really important in life. Be enriched by the teaching of God’s Word and the fellowship of brothers and sisters.


23-29 July


Adult (18+) – 3.800 SEK
Youth (13-17) – 2.400 SEK
Child (7-12) – 2.000 SEK
Young Child (4-6) – 1.650 SEK
Toddler (0-3) – Free

*40 year anniversary retreat photo